Eva Angelina - Sexy nurse rides her sick patient

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Doctor Adventures - Eva Angelina Joan Blondell is her sassy, fiesty, sexy self as usual, she's so fun to watch. in the world that can do a nurse any good and that's a patient with dough! Joan Blondell is her sassy, fiesty, sexy self as usual, she's so fun to. assigned as night nurses to a Mrs. Ritchey who's two sick children Lora had. What a champ the nurses in the OR loved her they said they'd never had a kid her age. and this was her way of dealing with it, so I let it ride.. A nurse who knows exactly what the last blood gas results were, and whether or not her patient was agitated or breathing fast when the test was taken.. Subway ride to the apocalypse, anyone? A young Montreal psychiatric nurse, riding home after a lousy day, finds her train stopped in a tunnel. The only problem is, those dispensing DRUGS were registered nurses, the offices broken. No, they only took the records of sick people who have a disease.
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Eva Angelina

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